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It is the “Mission Impossible” helicopter Tom Cruise is on that thing! -No, he is standing next to me! We’ve already waited 10 minutes but the line is moving extremely slow because it doesn’t move ahead until a car exits There is just one more parking spot in this city, near the church but I’m thinking if I get out of this line and go there only to find that the parking there is full too then I might lose both and then all would be useless We have thought of trying the parking spot near the church because the next train leaves in 20 minutes And it looks like our turn might not come in the next 20 minutes So, we’re heading to the church -I really hope that was the right decision –

Where is the church? -There’s a waterfall! If only we didn’t have a time problem! You can see.. all the parkings are completely… This one.. they said… might be open though We’ve been to three parking spots now They’re all closed down… full. Completely full We’re not the only ones looking for a parking spot.

It is full of cars here I guess it means we have to do it tomorrow I hope we can do it tomorrow instead -We booked a via ferrata for today at 2 PM but unfortunately when we went to Lauterbrunnen with our car to park, We’ve been here for one hour and there is no parking here Unfortunately, I don’t…. -Oh, okay -I don’t think we can make it today because we are still standing in the line to park the car -I see. There are many people, huh? -Yeah, very very many. I think tomorrow… Is it possible to shift it to tomorrow? -Um, let me just check -What is your name, please? -Dhruv Rathee -Okay, it is for two people -Yeah, it is for two people -We booked in a group -Oh, yeah, I see -Yeah? -Tomorrow, in the afternoon it’d be possible -Yeah, afternoon… 2 PM, right? The same time? -Yeah, 2 PM, afternoon -Okay -I’m not changing that, okay? -Yeah, that would be very nice -Okay, thank you then -Thank you. Have a good day. Bye. -Bye -That’s good! -Great!

Okay It has been more than one hour waiting in the line Fortunately, we got the climbing postponed for tomorrow But we will have to see what we will do today But we will park here, for sure! *stubborn, eh?* Let us understand a bit better with the help of a map Here is Interlaken- a city between two lakes Lauterbrunnen is here- where we came on a car We had planned to go to Murren today. But we were unable to. So, we will go tomorrow We’re wondering where to go now There is the peak of Jungfraujoch- the highest peak here We are thinking we could go here To reach there, we’ll have to board a train that will take us to Kleine Sheidegg From there, we will have to board another train to go further up We were sitting in this restaurant for one hour.

We had to release a new vlog They had WiFi. We do not have 3G in our phones So we released that. But look at the stunning view! Now, we’re going hiking We realized that we did not have time to go to the top of Jungfraujoch but we’re going hiking on that mountain -I can’t walk backwards this fast! We asked how do we go up there and we need reservation to do so. So, we can’t go here either *flashback- deja vu!* and the journey to go there is very long So, the information centre suggested a trekking site called Wengen It’s not too far away- it is only 15 minutes from here But they said that it is a good trekking spot and the view of the entire valley is visible We have already taken the tickets Let us now go to Wengen Wow! You can see the waterfall from here This is the trekking path we chose- Here is Wengen. From here, we will go towards Leiterhorn Leiterhorn is one hour in this direction It seems as if the proper hiking path starts from here because the path is going through the woods We could see a few houses until now Some people might think that living in the mountains here in Switzerland might be heavenly Consider living in that house for instance- clean air, clean drinking water no pollution and away from all the hullabaloo But personally, I would not prefer living here because think about it- if you were indeed living in this house, then you’d only have one or two restaurant options for eating and there’s be one supermarket nearby from where you would buy goods If you had small errands to run, then you would have to go to the city which is an hour away And there would not be a lot of options for entertainment activities I would not prefer to live here What do you think?

Write down in the comments below Look over there Lauterbrunnen is over there in the valley that you can see And here is Wengen The path was straight until now, but here, it splits into three These are the three paths we could take Take a look at what’s written on the markings You can go either left or right for Leiterhorn We do not know which path to take We’re thinking of taking this one There’s a poster here that reads- Three horses are grazing here That explains the barbed wires here And this is Leiterhorn… maybe… Yes it is because there is a sign here that says so *Here’s the mark* You can see down there… It’s not Interlaken for sure It’s some other city, right? The river water looks white almost -Oh my God. It’s like a river And these are wild raspberries But, they’re not ripe yet- as you can see because they’re not red. They’re kind of white -We can’t eat them -No -I really wanted to eat them -This one was red, but I guess somebody was here before us .. some bird -And this one is also red but it’s trapped in a spider web -Which….? Oh! this one! I would not recommend… 0.5, right?

This looks like a great place to fly the drone because there is no one here Let us see what we can capture Unfortunately, the view from up here is not that impressive There’s not much use flying the drone but we have planned to go to this place called Hunnefleu from Leiterhorn We can probably expect better scenery there because it is on the cliff’s edge And it is not that far from here Legends talked about the three horses grazing *burst of excitement* The temperature right now would be around 18-20 degrees But it is the perfect temperature for hiking Because you’d neither feel cold nor warm and this is the other view Since the sun rays are coming from that direction, it isn’t that clear But you can still make a guess about how high it is up here because down there, you can see the cars plying Let me zoom in a little more Atleast we found some food here! -oops! -Leave it alone! -It’s so soft that whenever you step on it, it’s really…. -Jump a bit to show how it is You might come across some slugs like this on the way Be careful not to step on them It’s very slow! The best thong about these treks is that they are free of cost So, if you want to roam around in Switzerland, you need not spent a huge amount of money except for the fares of the trains to reach here In the rest of the cases, if you book a tour or go to a huge tourist attraction where you need to book tickets then it might cost more. But, this is the best way to enjoy Switzerland You will come across a number of trekking tracks on every station and near every city We are now heading back to Lauterbrunnen Its a bit nippy now- I’ll have to wear a jacket Can you guess what the time is, though? It is 8 in the evening And look at how bright it is still The mountain tops are still receiving sunlight! I find this to be the best thing about Europe in summers that the days are very long and the time of sunset is around 9:30 PM in summers –

The sun is going down and the light is very beautiful It’s 12 AM in the night and what were you telling me? I was saying.. in my head.. all I can hear is .. “Binod” “Binod” I don’t even know why everybody is writing this -He will haunt you in your dreams…. Binod Second day. Second attempt Today, we didn’t bring the car We thought that it would be a waste of time looking for parking. So, we took public transport From here, we will board a train from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen and from there, we will board a cable car and then further board a train to reach Murren Hopefully… It is 12 right now We hope to reach on time. We have to reach by 2 Oh my God! You can see everything below me

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