Welcome to Cape Town. I’m in a rush to get to the air terminal, to Antarctica, and I’ll bring you along, however take a gander at this mountain see at the present time. A serious decent remain. Today we are going to Antarctica. It sounds insane and you must have the best possible apparatus to be there. I likewise brought a gathering from myself, yet they additionally have a great deal of proposals, so lease them. So look at it, I have three levels. Please, we should jump on the plane. Next stop is Antarctica. You don’t state this consistently. I just woke up. I dozed for around 4 hours on this sucker. Right now is an ideal opportunity to get dressed. It’s really going to be negative 8 beneath. 8 degrees beneath. The last layer. Take a gander at this thing. We’re going to get off. Everything is brilliant white. It looks immaculate. It helps me to remember Game of Thrones. Women and men of honor, welcome to Antarctica. Alright, the score is Antarctica. What?! Toward the beginning of today I woke up in Antarctica. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether I can get over that stun once more. This is simply stunning. So this makes seven landmasses where I am a major part of my life. I did everything. It’s in reality entirely difficult to open your eyes here in light of the fact that everything is so white. The sparkle gets you in your eyes yet it’s exquisite, so delightful. I’ll travel a tad for you. See that white. To state cold is inane. Cold. I walk, it nearly looks like ice lakes. The ground appears as though it’s solidified over the water. Any off-base move, you would eat it. Simply over my shoulder are the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. What’s more, the truly cool thing where I’m in is that they’re solidified for around 100 kilometers. This is insane. It’s an ideal opportunity to go to the ice caverns. Cool. Take a gander at those ice dividers. It’s delightful here. I would prefer not to leave These ice caverns were radiant not normal for anything I’ve seen previously. So it’s justified, despite all the trouble.  This is the first run through in ice and day off, with each progression you take, your foot sinks. This is franticness. Senses that a winter wonderland, similar to a kids’ play area. You simply need to play in day off ice and each corner resembles a bit of craftsmanship. At the point when you come to Antarctica, you need to expect snowstorms and this is my first snowstorm and kid it’s a finished dozy. You need to battle the breeze. At times you need to hang on in light of the fact that it truly influences you. Ahh. Like this. The breeze is blowing, he can scarcely open my eyes. There is snow flying noticeable all around. It’s insane that I carried my automaton to Antarctica. I didn’t have the foggiest idea whether I could utilize it and I couldn’t for as far back as barely any days, insane tempests, however today the climate is broken. This is excellent. I will raise this little infant. I will take you to camp. This is Whataway camp, one of the most exceptional camps on the planet where you can remain for the time being ashore in Antarctica. This is my module. Let me take you to the primary zone, the normal territory. ohhh This is the thing that you see when you first stroll in. This is the room you enter when you need to watch films, hold gatherings or simply unwind. This is the place we eat, our lounge area. These showers. The best aspect of this camp is that today we need to go toward the South Pole, however we can’t on the grounds that they need to fix the runways, it’s a little insane after the tempest. Take a gander at the state of mind folks. Today is the ideal day for a walk. I’m going to climb that dolt directly behind me, his name is nunataq. Nunataq is a word that originates from the North Pole. This is the Inuit word draping like a stone from ice. The snow is so new here that you can eat it off the ground. Take a nibble. So investigate this, I’m strolling on crampons, I have a stick, I’m outfitting the individual before me in the event that you fall. It’s hot to such an extent that the ice is softening It’s far down far. I simply got to the top and it’s certainly breathing here. Stunning, it’s truly wonderful over yonder. OK, I’m headed to do some zip here they set up a rope in no place and we’ll flash over this little lake  So would you be able to put this thing anyplace? Indeed. Take a gander at the icy mass behind me, wonderful. Dissimilar to anyplace else on the planet, Antarctica resembles this. It’s an ideal opportunity to go rock climbing. It’s the first run through genuine stone climbing and I’m doing this in Antarctica. So it will go two bearings, either truly quick and extraordinary, or truly moderate and excruciating. flawless I’m preparing to go into that thing and see the penguins. Penguins, penguins, penguins … All things considered, woooo. Simply landed, presently we will stroll from the plane to the penguins. Penguin time. See this, astounding, I have 6,000 penguins directly on my shoulder. I am one of the main individuals to see this province in nearly 12 months and a half. I need to go there and embrace him, however you need to remain a good ways off from the penguins. Idiotic principles. See this person taking a gander at me. You can see the food close to the infants, they actually have child hairs. They look extremely delicate. Take a gander at that doll on my shoulder. Look how close I am. Hello buddy. Shake it, shake your tail plumes. Penguins sail from the province to the ocean and afterward they go to take care of and afterward take them back to the state. This is the thing that this little person is going to do at the present time. They all move to and for. Purchasing food. The truly cool thing is the point at which they land on their stomachs and resemble a little sled. She is so adorable. It works for us, that is decent. This was the image I generally longed for when I thought of Antarctica. I have children to my right side. I have moms to my left side and a huge number of penguins. Unfathomable. Great. Today is the day I’m setting off toward the South Pole. What? I will bounce in the van, go to the air terminal, jump on the plane and take eight or nine hours on the flight. I went toward the South Pole. I’m getting dressed, you can’t go out without putting on the entirety of your apparatus. whoo, they opened the entryway and it was cold. You should wear your buff. In the event that your face is uncovered, you may encounter moment freezing. Take a gander at these, we’re heating cakes. I can remove it from the stove. We have enough distribution center to remain here for 15 days. I trust this doesn’t occur. As a matter of fact, we have been here for 10 hours and this is a great deal. I simply arrived at the South Pole. We will proceed to check this base, at that point we will go to the shaft and take some extremely cool photographs. I get my identification stepped in Antarctica. Hold up. Much obliged to you Holly They have everything here, even a nursery. Our activity room. Amazing, great. Leave me here. I’ll be here for two hours. There are a great deal of inventive individuals here, they’re continually attempting to consider something to do. We work here 54 hours per week, six days every week, so this is an entirely merciless timetable and it’s just shut on Sundays. The individuals who marked the winter have been here in any event eight or nine months. Welcome to the Ceremonial South Pole. One of an incredible features. The Geographical South Pole moves a little every year. Here now and I’m good to go. So the number of individuals from which distant camp remained at the South Pole and dozed. We are the first. So this is my supper. A freeze-dried feast. Alright, I simply got into my tent, I don’t have to state it’s chilly AF. This is the coldest thing I’ve ever had in my life. Like no joke, similar to amazing. I simply got into my camping bed and I may kick the bucket, so this may be the exact opposite thing you’ll get with me. Deal with my felines, Pauline and Silvio I love you. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether I should chuckle or cry. It’s been a delightful life again and again. This is a pack in the South Pole. It was fruitful. Alright, I’m going over the lake to do some ice climbing. This is the first occasion when I am doing this. I put on my crampons. Take a gander at these. Aren’t these extravagant? This is my last day here. Somewhat self-contradicting. Pierre, what’s going on with we? Ice climbing, see this face. See one behind us Will I pass on? No you are definitely not. I just moved to the head of ice climbing. See this view. It was incredible, it was so much fun, and now I’ll be back. I did my first ice climb and succeeded. I didn’t have the foggiest idea whether I planned to do it, yet I did. What’s more, this is a bundle about Antarctica, I’m happy I could carry you with me. Favored.

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